Special Pricing for Resellers and Installers

Renon Power Afrique is proud to announce the availability of our cutting-edge battery storage systems. 

Take advantage of our special pricing exclusively for resellers and installers who place their orders before 30 June.

Choosing the Right Power Energy System

When selecting the ideal power energy system, it is crucial to consider various factors. Renon Power Afrique recommends assessing the system’s scalability, ensuring it can adapt to your evolving energy needs. Additionally, evaluating maintenance requirements and compatibility with existing equipment and infrastructure is essential for a seamless integration process

Efficiency through Integration

Maximise control and management of your energy consumption with Renon’s systems. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with energy management software and other monitoring tools, allowing you to effectively track and optimise your energy usage.

Renon Ebrick Series

Low-voltage household battery storage system. Stores energy from solar, generators, and grid. Quick installation, whole-home backup. Supports up to 32 parallel systems. Customisable EMS platform for system control and monitoring.

Renon Xcellent Series

Wall-mounted residential energy storage system. Stylish design, easy installation and maintenance. 5.12kWh capacity meets basic energy needs. Compatible with mainstream inverters. Intelligent energy management for enhanced performance and longevity.

Renon Xtreme Series

Store energy from solar, generator, or grid. Stacked design for rapid installation and whole-home backup. Intelligent EMS platform for customisation and monitoring. Optimise energy usage and save costs. Reliable and efficient solution for residential energy storage.

Experience the Renon Advantage

Renon Power Afrique is an internationally recognised brand renowned for its world-class energy storage systems. Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic energy landscape, empowering homes and businesses with reliable and efficient power.

Don’t miss this opportunity to access our exceptional battery storage systems at special pricing.


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